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Death to Dirt

Professional Domestic Services

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What Mary Music’s Clients Have to Say About Her Services


Working with Mary Music’s” Death to Dirt Domestic Services” is a rewarding experience!  Her professional service and friendly, optimistic nature is my “get out of the house” card!  She really got my house in order when my family relocated to Kansas City, and very quickly.  We took to her immediately because she truly is concerned for us.  Plus, she is both energetic and positive.  A real necessity with this family!

M. Morris, Lee’s Summit, Missouri

“Death to Dirt” is the one to call in Real Estate!  The job is done right, and she returns calls quickly.  You never have to wonder what’s going on with your property.

R. Perkins, Broker, Reece/Nichols

Even through I have household help established, there are times when we entertain, extra management is needed.  That’s when I call Mary Music.  She comes through with exceptional help of the highest quality.  Her company is truly a “Power of One”.  Her willingness to work late, odd hours over the week-ends has been heaven-sent for my husband’s business gatherings...

Mrs. I. Wolfe, Overland Park, KS

My housekeeper for eighteen years.  Enough said!

Mrs. K. Stephenson, Leawood, KS

No shopping!  No laundry!  I’m a busy professional, “Death to Dirt’s” efficiency gave me back my life.

I. Yanos - Aristocrat Motors

I have a husband, new baby, new house, busy career, and a messy cat.  Mary Music is beyond a luxury—she is my necessity.  Very trustworthy and discreet. As a banker, I appreciate those qualities!

L. Reese, Liberty, Missouri

Truly, I believe her to be the best I ever employed.

S. Shaffer, the Plaza

My husband and I have what could be termed “A miniature estate.”  Until we employed Mrs. Music, extensive travel was difficult due to our concerns about our home, staff, sub-contractors, etc.  Now, with e-mail up-dates and scheduled telephone conferences, we know Mary has our interests under control, and all is well in Kansas.

Mrs. Charles Sloane, Mission Hills, Kansas