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Mrs. Music prefers to look at the checklist concept a little differently

bulletThe comfort and cleanliness of your home is my paramount priority at Death to Dirt's Professional Domestic Services.


bulletMy service begins with the credo of "Death to Dirt"---there is no other client, but you; no other concern, but your home. 


bulletTo a trained and competent housekeeper, check-point lists displaying one's "specialties," with a menu of "extras," (for which one is charged additional fees), is rather shockingly odd. 


bulletI will incorporate my "specialty," which is truly listening to your concerns, priorities, and focal points.  


bulletTogether, we will establish a regimen for the house which will free your time, plus enrich your life.


bulletNo need to rush about picking up the house the night before your service.  I  pick up for you, in addition to removing the towels/rugs from the bathrooms, and changing the bed to fresh linen.


bulletI will launder the bath things and bed-sheets each visit---replacing the former in the appropriate bathrooms, and the latter to the linen closet.


bulletAnd these "extra" is just the beginning.  

I am looking so forward to your telephone call or e-mail to discuss "Death to Dirt's" Professional Domestic Services becoming an integral part of YOUR home's smooth operation. 

Many Thanks,  

Mary Music